Homeland Patrol Division Security Services

Armed Agents

Becoming an armed security agent in Washington is no small matter, especially if you want to work for Homeland Patrol Division. Our armed agents are the most professional you will find. Being an armed agent, they must take and pass numerous and rigorous firearm qualification and certification training courses. This standard of training is similar to law enforcement. Our armed agents take the utmost pride and highest level of integrity when it comes to making the personal decision to be armed.

Before being assigned a post, Homeland Patrol Division Security performs a multilevel interview process, personality tests and drug tests to make sure you’re getting the best armed security agents in the State of Washington.

Unarmed Agents

Homeland Patrol Division Security is staffed with licensed, well selected and trained unarmed security agents. Before we hire our agents, we perform multiple level interviews, drug tests, and background checks. They go through multiple steps through the state of Washington licensing process to become security agents. Those steps include FBI background checks, taking and passing the Washington State required security courses.

Our unarmed agents are taught to be courteous and professional in all situations. Throughout the years, We have received praise and recognition for the work our agents have performed, sometimes in very challenging situations. They were able to use their skills to de-escalate tense situations, prevent theft, vandalism and violence.

Fire Watch Service

We offer fire watch services for commercial and residential properties. Our fire watch personnel are well trained and understand the procedures. We keep close contact with the local fire department and the client in case of any emergency.

We have fire watch guards standing by waiting to be dispatched to your property on an emergency basis 24/7. You will not only meet local county requirements to hire fire-watch service, you will also have peace of mind knowing that you are in the best hands possible for the job. Call us for a quote.

Full-Service Security Solutions

Our agency consists of several different modes of protection and security such as:

• On-site agent services
• Vehicle patrol services
• Bicycle patrol services
• Alarm response
• And other tailored solutions to meet your needs

Surveillance Camera Solutions

Our live-monitored state-of-the-art high definition outdoor cameras with night-vision provide unlimited real-time cloud recording with full audio and LTE connectivity.

We have serval packages available to choose from, or we can create a custom solution to meet any need.

Call today to speak with one of our security solutions specialists!