Homeland Patrol Division, LLC

Homeland Patrol Division is a full service security firm started by a former police agent.

We are one of the fastest growing and most respected security agent firms in Washington. We have amassed tremendous professional experience and trust for our work.

Security has become an essential part of our daily lives. That’s why it’s imperative to have well-trained and reputable security agents to protect your work environment. Our unarmed and armed agents are courteous family men and women who take pride in their work and look forward to fulfilling your security needs.

Our Mission:

To provide the state of Washington with elite full-service security solutions, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

Josh Stivers, MHA, CPD

Josh Stivers has over 20 years of police and security experience. He served as a police officer just south of Seattle in King County as well as volunteered his time with the Kent and Algona Police Departments.

Josh is currently earning his second Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management as well as holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. Furthermore, Josh has earned two undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration and an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

In 2016, Josh earned his CPD (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) professional designation and is looking forward to earning his CPP (Certified Protection Professional), PSP (Physical Security Professional) and the EMP (Emergency Management Professional) designations.

Josh currently co-chairs a major workplace violence committee as well as is a member on numerous other safety and security boards. He is considered a leading expert in Active Shooter Response training and is a national instructor on how to be safe and survive these types of events.

Lastly, Josh is a certified TASER and Defensive Tactics Instructor as well as a certified trainer with the Washington Department of Licensing private security guard sector. He trains on all topics, officer safety, verbal judo and de-escalation, report writing, active shooter preparedness, patrol tactics, and much more.